It is no secret that moving can be stressful, and that there are numerous factors to consider as you prepare to relocate. Are you aware of your moving rights and responsibilities? … So, before you begin working with a moving company, make certain that you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Though it may appear that only an experienced lawyer is aware of all of the moving rights and responsibilities that your relocation may entail, in reality, we should all be aware of the legal aspects of a move. It will not only save us time and money, but it will also make the relocation more efficient and smoother. Let us examine these rights and responsibilities;

Your rights
  • Have a right to be disclosed to the volume of your households’ goods and personal effects.
  • Have a right to know how your move charges have been arrived at
  • Have a right to know who long your move will take. An expert will chart a workable move plan and point out any anticipated challenges. This helps the family to organize their day and/or schedules.
  • A right to know the number of movers and packers to be deployed beforehand.
  • You have a right to opt out within the stipulated timeline.
  • You have a right to reschedule your move, again within a stipulated timeline.
  • A right to rectify any erroneous personal details.
  • A right to be ‘forgotten’ – this means you do not have to get promotional content, broadcasts etc.
  • A right to change your destination location, but communicate with your movers for correct details capturing within a stipulated period allowed by your company.
  • Right to restrict processing
  • You have a right to be present or appoint a representative during the move.
  • Moving companies must provide written estimates and may provide binding estimates. Estimates are not always accurate; actual charges may exceed the estimate.
  • Your moving company may accommodate your request for guaranteed pickup and delivery dates.
  • When moving, you have the right to be present each time your shipment is weighed and to request a re-weigh.
  • As an alternative to settling loss or damage claims, moving companies must provide a dispute resolution program.
Your responsibilities
  • Give accurate and precise information
  • Communicate any changes within accommodative timing.
  • Have your origin destination access ready for the movers by clearing with your property/apt management
  • Get parking reserved for the moving truck
  • Get access for use of elevators/lifts
  • Have your destination house ready for occupancy prior the mover’s arrival I.e., Dry paint, cleaning done in advance, basically, no 3rd parties come the moving date.
  • Have your personal effects packed earlier I.e., pack away your medication, medical monitoring gadgets, have your house keys with you etc. A responsible mover will give you a guide prior the moving day.
  • When moving, your primary responsibility is to not reveal any information about competitors to the various moving companies.
  • You should understand the distinction between an actual mover and a household goods broker. A household goods broker only arranges transportation and should not be mistaken for a mover. A household goods broker does not own trucks, and he or she usually does not have the authority to provide you with an estimate on behalf of a specific moving company. If a household goods broker provides you with an estimate, it is not binding on the actual mover, and you may be required to pay the actual charges assessed by the mover, for which a household goods broker is not liable for loss or damage.
  • Ensure you have acquired clearance and/or gate pass from the management of origin/destination house. This should be done prior to the actual moving date in order facilitate a smooth and seamless moving process for you and the movers.

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At The Centric Moving Company, we value our customers, handle and cares for your belongings as if they were our own. We are a professional moving company that ensures our customers’ rights and responsibilities are fully respected.

We believe that the most successful and efficient moves occur when you fully understand your rights and responsibilities as a consumer throughout your move with us. We value your time and money, and we provide high-quality service. Contact us today and our team of professionals will be happy to assist you in making your upcoming move a reality!

Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move

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