When was the last time you relocated? Did all the items from your old house reach the new place – including the small ones like light bulbs, padlocks, cables, or toys?  It’s common to lose or misplace some items giving you a headache as you try to locate them. In some cases, you might even incur extra costs buying new ones. You can avoid such outcomes by hiring moving companies in Nairobi to manage all aspects of the relocation for you.

What Moving Companies Do
  • Packing
  • Transportation 
  • Arranging the new house

The items you miss after the move-out may not be lost. In many cases locating them from the mountains of cluttered utensils, clothes, and furniture when in need is not easy. It can even take months to realize what you are searching for was right in front of your eyes the whole time. In other cases, small items may be stashed within bigger ones, but it is also possible to lose some, especially during transportation. If you have not planned your move well, you may leave items in the old house.

Preventing such losses is not difficult. It only takes proper planning and the right resources, like what moving companies in Nairobi offer. Planning starts way before the relocation day by taking an inventory of the items in your home and allowing professional movers to conduct a survey which can be either virtual or physical hence charting a moving  plan. That way, you can lay out proper packing plans and the necessary resources to facilitate haulage. Cardboard boxes and plastic moving crates help secure the smaller items and limit clutter.

Plans That Help Prevent Losses/damages
  • Using appropriate box sizes that match the items being moved
  • Arranging items room by room when packing out
  • Labeling boxes based on contents
  • Taping boxes shut to protect small items from dropping off.
  • Securing the moving crates using tie-wraps.

Securing items can be as easy as identifying appropriate-sized boxes to contain the items. This will help in identifying items according to the size of the box. You do not have to worry about finding moving boxes; the majority of Nairobi movers are usually well-stocked with such accessories. The Centric Moving Company even sells boxes you can readily access through our online shop if you want to pack some valuables prior. 

Carton boxes do not have sufficient locking mechanisms. Therefore, small items may fall off during lifting or in transit. Taping boxes shut is a simple step moving companies in Nairobi prioritize since it can save you money and the hassle of searching for things later on. Labeling the boxes is equally important before sealing them for easier identification once you reach your new home.

Use Moving Companies in Nairobi to Avoid Losing Valuables When Relocating

The Centric Moving crews are well-trained in labeling boxes. Since we pack things room by room, we can indicate which boxes hold items from which room. Therefore, even if you need an item, we can retrieve it without opening all the boxes.

You can rely on The Centric Moving Company when relocating house, office, or specialty items. We are one of the best-rated moving companies in Nairobi.

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