Whether you are building, buying, or renting, the process of getting a new house can be tedious, leave alone packing and moving your belongings. This would explain the rush of excitement once you get a place that interests you. Not to burst your bubble after this remarkable achievement, there are a number of things that you should look into before making the actual move.  

While the whole moving process is time-consuming and may drain the life out of you, it is still crucial to ensure the house you will be moving into is in perfect condition to avoid future problems. Here is a checklist of everything that you should put into consideration before moving houses.


In order to ensure the house is cleaned beyond just the visible dirt, doing it before having the moving services bring in the items would be best. This way, all those hard-to-reach spaces can be easily accessed instead without the usual obstacles such as furniture blocking some areas. There’s no better feeling than moving into a gleaming house for a fresh start. Since The Centric Moving Company handles all aspects of packing and transportation conveniently, you can grab the opportunity to give your new home a thorough cleanup.

Check All Utility Bills 

In all the hassle and haste of relocation, it is really easy to overlook or even forget to check on pending utility bills if the home was previously occupied. Rogue landlords and agents take advantage of such scenarios and end up ‘forgetting’ to mention that the house had a pending utility bill. Beat them at their game by making inquiries directly from the utility companies before moving in. This will ensure that you start on a clean slate and avoid unnecessary expenses or inconveniences down the road. 

Explore the Area

You might have found the “perfect” house but who are your neighbors? What are some landmarks you can use to move around? What about convenience shops in case you run out of some necessities? 

You can only get accurate answers to these questions by venturing out into the surroundings. If you are an outgoing person you can have a chat with some neighbors who can give you some handy tips on many issues, including general security and the reliability of utilities such as power, water, or cable. You never know, maybe a backup generator is a must-have in that area and you could buy one and have it conveniently moved with the rest of your stuff on the first day without affecting your moving cost.

Moving Services

Conduct a House Walkthrough

Doing a ‘moving rehearsal’ is one of the rarely mentioned moving tips yet it helps you plan how to organize your furniture. This will save you and the movers the hassle when it comes to unloading and unpacking since you know where everything should go. A house walkthrough also aids in identifying any repairs needed such as damaged switches, fixtures, missing appliances, or unnecessary appliances and areas to repaint. 

Things to Do Before Actually Moving to a New House

Most importantly, discuss the information about your new home with our Centric Moving Company representatives as we conduct the pre-move assessment to ensure we are fully acquainted with your moving requirements. At The Centric Moving, all your concerns are our concerns because it’s All About You!

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