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How to Avoid Stress When Moving

It’s possible to avoid stress when moving. Moving all of your personal belongings and household items can be a very stressful experience if you don’t plan ahead of time and hire a professional moving team who can guide you every step of the way. To arrive in your new home organized and ready to unpack, you must follow some tips…

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10 Steps to Plan a Staff Relocation

Moving house is a stressful time for anyone and staff relocation is no different. However, moving staff around the country or even abroad can be increasingly common in today’s business world.  Whether you are moving to or from Kenya, or even if your company has relocated to another country, our team at The Centric Moving Company has helped many clients…

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How to Plan an Office Move in Kenya

Any office move requires a strategic plan for it to be executed successfully. Whether you’re relocating to another town, seeking to reduce your overhead costs with a cheaper lease, or simply moving closer to your target market. You need to prepare and coordinate an office relocation while ensuring business continuity. Here’s a guide on how to plan your office move…

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