Are you planning to move from your current home? Before you can engage a professional moving company like The Centric Moving Company to discuss the relocation process, you must find a suitable house that accommodates your needs. That home has a neighborhood which is as important a consideration as the cost or size of the house. 

When choosing a place to live, people often consider factors such as location, amenities, and affordability. That is why you keep seeing news articles with titles such as Top 10 best estates in Nairobi or the most posh areas in Nairobi which try to narrow down areas that most people would find interesting. However, there are some surprising and often less discussed reasons why individuals opt to settle in specific estates. Some even influence your decisions subconsciously. If you have ever moved to a new area and then started hating it soon after, there might have been a subconscious aspect in your decision to move there. Let’s dig in and see what minor or hidden aspects drive you to move to a particular area despite what other neighborhoods offer. 

Sense of Belonging 

One surprising reason people choose to live in certain estates is the sense of belonging they experience within the community. Some neighborhoods have a strong sense of identity and community spirit. Whether it’s a tight-knit residential association, a shared interest group, or even the tribal makeup, the feeling of being part of a community can outweigh other considerations – including the possibility of finding modern houses elsewhere. 

Unique Architectural Styles 

Architectural styles can also be a surprising factor in people’s decisions to live in specific estates. Some individuals are only comfortable staying in apartments, while others prefer stand-alone homes. The neighborhood layout may also be why you never really feel comfortable relocating to other areas. For example, many of the original estates built when strict city planning was a thing have organized layouts with spaced houses, sufficient walking and parking spaces, and dedicated shopping centers. If you are moving from such a place, subconsciously, neighborhood order is as important as finding the most affordable estates in Nairobi.

Proximity to an Area of Interest

It’s funny that development is only helpful to a point, then it starts turning against the beneficiaries. Car ownership and road network development are two perfect examples. More cars and better roads ease movement to places of interest like work. However, too many cars and expanding road networks create problems like very long commutes or traffic congestion that interferes with your schedules. Staying closer to your places of interest minimizes the daily hassle helping you accomplish more. 

Preserving Traditions 

You probably think of traditions sparingly – the end of the year when you troop back to the village where your folks originally came from may be one example. However, there are other traditions that subconsciously guide your decisions, especially when choosing where to live. You may be wondering what traditions those could be, but if you are keen, you might notice that when a person moves from the village to the city, his or her siblings that come later to the city tend to also move close to where the first one settled. Many people remain within the same area even after setting up their lives. Also, when people relocate from a town for some years, maybe for a job or otherwise, it’s common for them to go back to the same neighborhood they used to live in if they ever return to the town – that’s a tradition built into your system.  

Moving Services

At The Centric Moving Company, we have established a strong tradition of safe and convenient home relocations to any neighborhood that you find convenient. We offer storage facilities where you can store your valuables temporarily as you decide where to relocate, rather than make a rushed decision. 

Surprising Reasons You Choose to Stay in Certain Neighborhoods

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