House Moving Services

We pride ourselves on flexible and timely turnaround time to execute your intended moves.

Are you moving across your street, within apartment blocks, from Floor to Floor, for long and short distances, within counties, from one city to another? TCMC offers professional, timely, and quality services to move you.

We have thought of you, your time, and your convenience. Therefore, your pre-move assessment will be conducted at No Cost as below:

Onsite Physical survey

You get to physically meet our proficient moving consultant, walk them through your moving possessions and jointly chart your move plan. Your assigned consultant will allay your concerns as they acquaint you with your personalized moving requirements.

Video Survey

You shall virtually meet your assigned moving consultant who will conduct a survey alongside you, neither your home size nor the distance is a limitation. Your no-obligation moving quotation is a WhatsApp message and/or call away. We are ready for live sessions on (0724 635635) and/or pre-recorded videos as well.

Post survey

We will furnish you with a comprehensive moving quotation.

Actual moving

As advised during the survey, we shall deliver bearing in mind your individual taste and moving preference.

Post House Moving Services 

The Move will only be marked complete after our devoted team makes a follow-up call/email 2 days after we have settled you to ensure that everything still feels okay.

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