Whether you have somehow acquired more items than you had originally anticipated and your aspirations to be a minimalist are being challenged. Or you need lesser space than you currently have. Or a need has arisen for you to move for an unspecified amount of time, whatever the reason for the need for storage facilities, selecting good storage facilities for your treasured items is key. But what are the major factors to consider while looking for storage facilities?


Whereas having a good lock is good, it isn’t enough. 24/7 surveillance not only provides good security, but it also provides peace of mind. Our storage facilities at The Centric Company are under 24-hour surveillance.


When looking for storage facilities, you want to find one with enough space for all your belongings.


Location of the storage facilities determine among other things the security of your belongings. At The Centric Company we seriously evaluated this factor while choosing our facilities. The location is not only easily accessible and safe but within a secure neighborhood.

Pick-up and Delivery Services

Professional movers can be counted on to safely and effectively move and store your personal effects and used household goods in a way that can get the most out of your space. This saves you on money because volume determines the space required for your goods. Check with the service provider if they offer these services.

Cleanliness and Pest Control

This is pretty much a basic requirement but very important nonetheless. A storage facility that keeps its property clean and free from pests can ensure that you don’t have to check constantly to make sure that holes aren’t being chewed in your belongings. After all, cleanliness is secondly to Godliness


You want to store your items with a facility that insures its facility whether or not you have insured your possessions. It is highly recommend that you place insurance for your goods or issue your storage partner with an itemized valued inventory to take up insurance on your behalf.


Technology has made the world a global village, as such it is pretty easy to get reviews on almost everything. While shopping for storage facilities, check the reviews of previous and existing customers. View our Google reviews.

Qualities Of Good Storage Facilities


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