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  • Stretch Film

    Stretch Film

    The Stretch Film is often referred to as shrink wrap in the moving industry. It is a dust and waterproof packaging material used to wrap furniture and mattresses for short term storage. It a cost-effective alternative for SFK paper(corrugated paper).

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  • Newsprint paper

    Newsprint paper

    Newsprint paper, commonly referred to as white paper or wrapping paper.

    It is a cost-effective yet a protective way to pack and protect fragile items when moving or shipping. It acts as dunnage while packing items to storage and when packing to International standards. It also serves as a solution to wrap and cushion dishes, glasses and other breakable items prior to boxing them.

    CBC education hint: It can be used to make a ball with sisal twine.

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  • Bubble wrap

    Bubble wrap

    The Bubble wrap is fun to pop up (quite addictive). However, it used to cushion fragile articles because of it’s high scratch resistance and shock absorbance feature. It’s light in weight yet very flexible. It is highly recommended while packing out for Across the border moves, International moves and long term storage.  Come in handy on your antique pieces, crystal pieces, vases, mirrors, frames, glasses etc.

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