Moving can be both exciting and daunting, from the moment you know that you will be moving house, the stress, panic, excitement and everything in between sets in. On a day where emotions can run high, a plan can give you control and calmness. The importance of planning every last detail of what goes into moving from one house to another is crucial in simplifying the process and ensuring that things go smoothly.

Whereas the moving company handles the bulk of the work, it is important to own the process and get the best out of the move.

Below are the major factors to consider while preparing for a move with a professional moving company.

Make a Moving Checklist

List down important items to do before and after a move. Draw up columns of before the move and after the move. Further subdivide the columns to your task and the mover’s task. The list comes in handy in ensuring nothing is left to chance.

Finalize Contracts

Have a final check I with the moving company on the services to be delivered and what the contract covers. Ask to be assigned the team lead from the moving company with whom all correspondence is made. Confirm timelines, emergency numbers, parking and any other special instructions important for the move.


Regardless of the duration you have lived in a house, you will have accumulated some form of clutter that shouldn’t be transferred to your new home. Start cleaning out anything you do not want moved to your new home. Less stuff means less to clean, less to organize, less to store and ultimately less mess.

Essential and Private Items

Always ensure that you have packed your private and important documents and items clearly labelling them. It is also important to mention the same to the team lead assigned to you.


Before the moving day, make sure to clean the destination house. You do not want your stuff to be moved to a dirty or dusty house!

Clear with Relevant Authorities

You know what they say about burning bridges? Don’t burn bridges while moving. Before a planned move, inform the relevant authorities of the premises you are moving from and the destination as well. Make sure to inform and get clearance from the caretakers, gate men, property manager and any other relevant office that may pose a challenge. Introduce the movers to them and have the movers abide by any special instructions.

Do a Post Move Survey

Before releasing the movers and enjoying your new abode, do a post move survey with the team lead paying special attention to anything that needed disassembly and reassembly. Also be keen to ensure any installations that were due have been done.

Preparing for A Move with A Professional Moving Company

In conclusion, the importance of planning before a move cannot be overemphasized as it greatly simplifies the process and ensures a smooth move. While there may be some surprises and unforeseeable circumstances, planning makes a whole world of difference. It also helps you stay on schedule while ensuring what can be done has been done efficiently.

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