As you plan for a senior move it’s important to note that senior people are fearless, they’re knowledgeable, they’re bold, they’re important, they’re old, they’re not energetic – most important they have a say.

A move can be a lot to handle. When seniors are involved, it can add more levels of difficulty and stress to the process. Moving seniors is a very emotional and involving task as there are hundreds of details to keep in mind, from setting up doctors’ appointments to telling friends and family about the move.

To help you with the process we’ve laid out a senior moving checklist that can help you while planning a move for an aged person.

1. Involve them in the Moving Process

It is common for the elderly to have high sentimental value toward their belongings. Help them declutter. Hoarding behavior is not far-fetched especially that these items could be family hand-downs through many generations. Let them decide which items are worth keeping, which ones can be disposed and which ones can be donated. They can also be given the option of storing their belongings with a reputable storage facility for their peace of mind. It is important for them to feel comfortable with the moving process. 

2. Consider Their Mobility

Plan moving transportation around your elderly loved one’s needs. Think of the movement around their new home, they do not need clustered spaces to avoid unnecessary accidents and falls. Consider creating room for them on the ground floor, preferably with a scenic view of nature. If you opt to have them in apartments, consider ones with elevators to facilitate ease of movement. Either way, any professional movers will work with you to design a customized solution, providing the best relocation plan possible, so you can rest assured that your aged loved one will be comfortable and safe during transport their move and stay.

3.Handle Health Care Ahead of the Move

With their ages, there comes along routines that need not be disrupted. Bear in mind their medication and vitamins intake timings. Remember to pack aside their medicines, so that the movers do not box them into the moving trucks.

4. Make The New Location Feel Like Home

A new place can be a little jittery, it’s important to make their new environment feel as familiar as possible to help your family member settle into their new surroundings. Your movers need to retain details that he or she treasures most. A few family photos, are sure to remind them of life before their move and help them feel comfortable in their new place. With the help of the movers, these family portraits can be mounted and positioned as they execute the move. Ensure the set-up is as close as possible to the old residence. House-keeping for the kitchen and wardrobes should be maintained as a mirror-image of the former.

5. Plan On Extra Travel Time

A drive that takes you six hours alone could be extended by multiple stops. Be sure to ask regularly if loved ones need to stretch their legs or make pit stops along the way. Such considerations not only create memories but also strengthens the family bond.

6. Know Your Limits

The movers have to be empathetic yet professional. It can be a real challenge to get through all the work it takes to move, so you have to stay focused and realistic about how much you can handle. The elderly ones have a pool of knowledge and history. Listen to them. They can offer lots of advice and also be glad to have someone around for chit-chat. Be accommodative. But remember to have your mission accomplished.

7. Tend to their Mental Health

Moving can be a stressful time for senior citizens, often because they are attached to their home and neighborhood. Prepare the elderly mentally for the task ahead. You may want to get them plenty of rest, and try to keep their stress level down as much as possible. Maintain the routine on the feeding timing, siesta time. Assure them that everything will be okay.

8. Pack A Suitcase of Essential Items

It may take you several hours to get to your destination, so pack a bag of essentials to help during the journey.

Planning A Senior Move

In conclusion, whether you are looking to relocate the elderly out of town or just around the neighborhood, our team is trained to handle the job and we will ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. We put into consideration every aspect of the move.

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