During the Covid-19 season; we noticed an increase in the love for plants in many homes. Potted plants/flowers have become almost a must-have. This new trend is highly notable in all types of homes such as studios, cottages, apartments, condominium, marionettes, bungalows, townhouses, villas etcetera. This has brought nature indoors. Some people have embraced having potted plants well spread in the attics, living rooms, dining areas, office/study rooms, balconies, foyers, patios, hallways etc. To some extent, have gone an extra mile to create a nature room, where they can unwind and enjoy the calming effect of their potted plants. Also known as eco-therapy.

We understand plants are an investment of your resources. When your time to move house comes, you may have some concerns and even consider moving your plants yourself. Moving your plants, flowers or even herbs can be such a daunting task. Unless you want to start all over, you may consider engaging a professional mover who has the expertise in handling them. From unhanging them, to lifting them off the ground, securing them into a moving truck, padding them, offloading to positioning and arranging them up all again in your new home…

Let’s move your plants with some love and ease. Here’s are tips on how to pack potted plants for moving.

Tips for moving your potted plants.
  • Invite a moving consultant to carry out a survey. In order to establish moving needs and requirements.
  • Avoid watering your plants, flowers/herbs on your moving day. Better still, water your plants two days prior to the moving day and/or upon arrival to your destination. This is mitigates the risk of clay flower pots cracking easily.
  • Use flower sacks or potwheelz to carry off your plants regardless of the size and shape.
  • Transport your plants separately to avoid damage or soiling of your other household belongings
  • Consider having a steady ladder for your handing potted plants.
  • Lift the pot through the bottom to avoid breaking leaves and branches.

Moving Your Potted Plants to Your New Residence

We are happy to move not only your plants but your entire household.

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