Moving house is an imperative and potentially exciting event in your life yet can be an overwhelming experience should it go unplanned. At The Centric Moving Company, we endeavor to make it a fun and stress-free experience by offering helpful and needful advice tailored to your unique household requirement.

Before moving house, quite a number of things and events have to come into play .To avoid any oversight, prepare a to-do list to assist in the planning process.  Below are essential Moving Tips that we have compiled which will be of great assistance to you as you plan for your move.

Choose credible realtors and home agents to help identify potential homes as per your preference.

Settle for the home that meets your expectations. Take note if the house is a first occupancy house or under renovations. Carefully inspect the fixtures and fittings i.e. the sockets, switches, bulb holders, gas inlet etc. are functional. You do not want to surprise yourself when your movers make the discovery while settling you down that you cannot use your gadgets and equipment immediately.

Source for moving quotes

You might need to invite 2-3 professional moving companies in readiness to your planned relocation.

It will only take approximately 20-30 minutes for professional moving companies to conduct their pre-move survey and furnish you with no-obligation quote. Ask as many questions as possible during the pre-survey to enable you make an informed decision on the mover to engage.

You can save a day or two for this invitations so that you get ample time to settle for your preferred movers.

Bonus Tip: Cleaning and fumigation companies need to conduct and pre survey in order to submit their proposal. They offer roof to floor cleaning taking care of the hidden corners. It’s a golden opportunity to do so as the house entirely empty. Fumigating this space becomes easy too.

Communicating with your moving company

Be sure to choose a moving company that is willing to give you ample advice, communicate effectively and are flexible to accommodate your personalized needs.

To avoid mix ups, confirm the moving dates in writing as soon as possible. Feel free to discuss and seek clarifications in regards to the move. At Centric Moving Company, we always aim to send confirmation of bookings to our clients, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Make arrangements for access for the removal truck; think about how the moving truck can access your current and destination home, advise your neighbours in advance that the truck will be parking outside your house, get any approval for use of lifts and clear with the property management on your service charge etc.

Make a decision what to take and what not to take with you – Time to declutter

Think about your new space. You may not necessarily want to take everything along, especially if you want to upgrade your furniture, down-sizing your house or in need of creating that extra space. Make an inventory of the items you are definitely taking with. We understand that some of the things that you are not taking with you could be family’s heir’s room – we’ve got you covered. Engage us for short-term or long term storage services.

Alternatively ask your relatives and friends if they want anything, donate to charities, sell on the online platforms or organize a garage sale.

Prior to the Moving date

By now you should have identified those personal items that the moving company advised you pack by self as you get the moving process going. Feel free to visit our mart and choose from a wide range of moving supplies such as quality boxes, tapes and other packaging materials.

PS: The personal items to pack by self include but not limited to: money, jewelry, academic papers, travel documents, title deeds etc. – the rest of your household will be safely packed and unpacked by your mover.

Actual moving date

It’s Moving day!! Sit back, relax and enjoy the services from your professional moving company and get value for your money. The movers know the drill and will do their thing like the pros they are (It’s what they know best anyways). Expect a team leader on board who will be your focal point.

Moving House Tips by The Centric Moving Company

The movers will carry packaging materials and tools needed for your move, will handle your fragile and valuable items systematically, label moving boxes clearly, pack, load, transport, offload and finally leave you with a mirror effect of your origin house.

Be present on the moving day

It is important to be present on the moving day or have a representative to receive the moving team and to make clarifications should need arise. On the other hand you get a chance to have a walkthrough of your original house and ensure that you check all cabinets are emptied, taps are turned off, electricity switched off, windows are closed, doors shut etc. This will give you the confidence to hand over the premises to the property management.

Moving Services

Communicate change of address

Remember to notify your essential service provider’s e.g. your drinking water supplier, pay tv and internet supplier, gas supplier, rider, pets vet, personal gym trainers etc. If you have school going children alert their school transport of their new pick up and drop off address.

Lastly, notify your relatives, friends and your employer.

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