By the end of this article, we will have acquired the knowledge of how to safeguard furniture from breaking when moving to a new home. Recently, a friend was shifting from a small house in a flat to a larger own-compound home. This guy, just like many of you, believes that moving houses is a community affair whereby friends and relatives have to lend a hand to facilitate the shift and also warm up the new house.

Although there is nothing wrong with involving loved ones, some things that might happen during the move may leave you questioning your choices. In this case, a simple statement proved prophetic by the end of the move-out.

Vitu lazima ziharibike!

Those were the words of one “experienced” friend who happened to have supplied the moving truck for the shift. While everyone was busy voicing their opposition to this tidbit, he had already gone to one of the bedrooms to unscrew the bed for convenient movement. Even after emerging a few minutes later, he still emphasized to the house owner that he should be mentally prepared because some of his valued possessions would not make it to the new home in one piece.

Fast-forward to a few hours later, when the heavy lifting and shuffling between the truck and the house had squeezed every last bead of sweat from people’s brows, the “experienced” friend’s word came to pass – the stand of a fancy table had been scratched leaving a nasty gash. The wall unit that was majestically standing in the old house looked like it had suffered a bout of rickets en route to the new house! Needless to say, accusing glances were exchanged.

So is it inevitable for valuables to break when you move house?

It all depends on how the exercise is carried out. Professional moving companies have long figured out ways to avoid such outcomes, or they are negligible when they occur.

Steps That Help Safeguard Valuables When Moving
  • Proper handling
  • Protecting the items in transit
  • Using the right-sized vehicle

Most home items, like fridges, sofas, and couches, are bulky and heavy. Since aesthetic appeal is the main consideration when they are built, you’ll rarely find handles for people to hold when moving them, so it is easy for people to drop them when moving house. It gets worse because some, like the rickety wall unit we discussed earlier, require unusual handling procedures. It’s different when you use moving companies like The Centric Moving Company since our technicians and movers receive specialized training on proper item handling.

Protection in Transit

You probably think of movement from the perspective of a passenger in a car where the seat you use is well-padded and curved to match the natural body contours. It’s different when moving items since they are shoved into an open box with no supporting framework for individual items. Any bump, pothole, or ridge the vehicle moves over shifts the items, rubbing their surfaces against each other or the vehicle’s body.

Professional moving companies handle this challenge in different ways, including bubble wrapping items, mover blankets, plastic moving crates, and using cardboard boxes for individual protection. However, protection also extends to the loading process, where our packers and movers meticulously arrange items leaving minimal spaces between items minimizing chances of jerky movements during transit – less rubbing equals minimal chances of damage! Protecting items from weather elements is also vital. That is why the best moving companies in Nairobi use cover board trucks that lock out rain and other elements rather than relying on temporary measures such as tarpaulin covers.

How to Safeguard Furniture from Breaking When Moving House

Vehicle Size Influences Item Damage When Moving House

For most people, the cost of moving is a significant concern. Asking for transport from smaller vehicles seems like a good plan since they might quote a lower price. However, you are not the only one worrying about costs, so your transport will try to squeeze everything into the vehicle and attaches what can’t fit in with ropes. The physical exertion from stacked or improperly balanced items readily damages some. A professional moving company like The Centric Moving Company assigns the appropriate vehicle for the task, protecting your valuables from unnecessary physical exertion.

As you can see, it’s not moving that damages your valuable furniture and appliances but how the process is handled.

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