House Moving Checklist is a must-have tool for anyone who is about to move to a new home. Moving to a new home is an exciting and often overwhelming experience, and having a checklist in hand can help make the process much easier and more organized. By having a comprehensive list of all the tasks you need to complete before, during and after your move, you can stay on top of everything and ensure a stress-free and successful move. In this blog, we will provide you with a detailed house moving checklist to help you stay organized and prepared throughout the entire moving process.

The inevitability of change in life can be daunting at times, but pretty necessary. Moving can be the most basic, yet crucial change one has to make; it’s no different when it’s time to move. Be it a house moveoffice move, regional move, across border or/and an international relocation.

Your reasons to move could range from:

  • moving to a better place,
  • moving a growing family,
  • staff relocation due to job transfer,
  • moving to a different town
  • moving during a divorce or separation
  • a down grade necessitated by the harsh economic times.
Whichever the case, you need the assurance of moving experts, a well thought through moving process and sound moving transport. The Centric Moving Company house moving checklist is what you need during your house move.
Our Brand Promise
The Centric Moving Company guarantees that you remember anything important on your moving day. How? Double check that you have completed every task in the moving checklist below.
  • Arrange a site visit with our knowledgeable Moving experts for accurate moving estimates of volumes and plan a move. This is a free of charge service.
  • Expect for your consideration a written no-obligation quotation. Also known as the free moving quote.
  • Book your move by returning a signed moving contract. Note that a phone call confirmation also serves.
  • Firm up your preferred moving dates with us.
  • Inform your family about the Move
  • Tell your property management of your moving day and reserve a parking slot for our moving truck. Ensure this applies for both origin and destination. If there are any parking restrictions, inform the moving company.
  • Appoint a moving representative and share their contact should you not be available on the moving day(s)
  • Declutter if need be – it’s a time for spring clean  😀 Choose what to sell, donate or throw away. By reducing your volumes, you reduce the cost of moving.
  • Inform your main service providers on change of address. We will disconnect and reconnect on same day. We are talking of Pay Tv service providers, ISPs, Telecommunication service providers,
  • Visualize and plan where your household items will go in your new home to avoid double handling. This will be good for your furniture and the professional movers.
  • Keep away medication needed by a family member while we execute your move.
  • Make a plan to move your pets, little ones or move the elderly in your house.
  • Carry your valuable items discussed during the pre-move survey on moving day.
  • To move your washing machine, pull out the drum stabilizers.
  • Have the original light fixture in place for replacement. This is after we pull down your chandeliers to make the packing and moving process seamless.
  • On moving day, cut refrigerated food stuffs, especially cooked food to prevent thawing and spoilage during the move. We will carry cooler boxes though.
  • For potted plants, avoid watering them the day before moving day to avoid soiling.
  • Ensure that there are no other on-going jobs at both houses on the moving day. Any construction, plumbing, electrical, or cleaning jobs should be complete before moving day.

…then relax, we will take care of your move?

House Moving Checklist

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