Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions (FAQs) to give you more information about The Centric Moving Company and the services we offer.

You can find common questions about storage services and relocating during the coronavirus pandemic on our blog, which is updated on a regular basis.

  • Full service packing
  • Destination services
  • Machinery moves
  • Fine arts moving
  • Auto-mobile moves
  • Crane and forklift services
  • Handling IT equipment and Servers
  • Moving of Piano and antique items
  • Staff relocation
  • Accessorial services
  • Wood crating
  • Furniture installation
  • Origin service

Yes, we enjoy doing this. This service is known as a destination service. We will liaise with a destination partner and we are also flexible to work with your preferred destination partner should you have one. Our attentive team is happy to assist you with any unpacking tasks you need to be done, whether it’s a full house or just those last heavy boxes. We are here to make settling into your new home as stress-free as possible.

Hey, we will be delighted to serve you as your origin partner.

Yes, we do.

We store legally acceptable household goods, personal effects, office furniture and equipment. We also offer pre and post export storage services.


All the movers executing your move are our employees. They are thoroughly vetted and trained.

We need 8 working hours notification to give us ample time for planning and execution of your move. PS: We have a first come first served basis policy.

Yes, we do.

Playing the piano is an art. Piano Moving is no different. It requires a great deal of skill, attention to detail, teamwork and coordination. Pianos are generally expensive, delicate yet fragile and can easily get damaged if not handled with care. We will provide you with the moving supplies, handle the instrument like the pros we are and move it to your next destination safely.

People move whenever they are ready. They also move when need arises – whether it’s planned, distress or emergency moves.

Nevertheless, our advice to clients is avoid moving at the end of the month whenever they have the flexibility to; and book their move during mid-month. Reason been at the end month all reputable and professional moving companies have their resources over-stretched.

For moves with Nairobi and its environs, reach out at least 1-week prior your move date.

For moves within the Kenya (Inter-county moves) reach out to the movers at least 2 weeks before the move date.

For international move, it is best you contact movers at least 6 weeks before the planned move date.

Moving across border to Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe or Rwanda 3 weeks’ notice is sufficient.

Distress and emergency moves are treated as they are – we promise to attend to you within a few hours.

The duration of a Move depends on the dynamic of the specific move. Would this be a local move or an international one, what is the volume of your contents to be handled, what is nature of your goods (pick and go or do we need to disassemble them), what about access of and/or to the house, etc. A professional and good moving company should advise you the move duration in their moving quote and explain how it is arrived at.

Each removal comes along with a tailor-made timeline.

The biggest chunk of costs of a move is determined by volume of the goods and distance. Other cost determinants will include but not limited to packaging requirements, labour (packer and movers) required, access to the premises, etc.

International removals have a cost regime that consists of Origin fee, Freight costs, as well as destination fee between different countries playing a very major part.

Different moving companies use different formulas to calculate the charges and It is always easy to get a break down of the cost from a reputable moving company.

Cheap moving companies can be very costly at the long-run. A competitive and affordable quote is worth your life-long belongings.

The ideal scenario is no one should ever experience loss of their items when moving. However, in this real life, such things do happen. The best protection is firstly procuring services only from a reputable and professional removals company. One that effortless understands its primary duty is to protect your belongings. Get an interest to know where their office is located and check if they accept liability when things ‘happen’. This kind of a company will definitely have insurance covers against professional liability.

That said, it is always advisable to take a personal Good in Transit (GIT) or Marine Insurance cover for your stuff. This helps in case of any eventualities.

Their primary role is to assess all dynamics of your move, offer you free consult and advise based on your unique requirements, chart a move plan tailor-made for you and consequently give you a comprehensive moving quote. Think of them like your personal gym trainer, your doctor etc you tell her what you are feeling, they examine you and give you recommendation and eventually a bill to pay.

Some relocation companies refer to them as, surveyors, moving experts, relocation specialists, Moving Consultants. Any professional moving consultant should not charge you to conduct a survey – it is free of charge service that should follow with a no-obligation quote.

Just like any other sectors, various moving organizations have different payment methods and plans.  Payment at Centric is acceptable via, M-PESA, cheques, Credit cards and cash.

Payment terms should always be agreed with the company shifting your household goods prior to Move execution.

Professional moving companies would handle them very well, but for your peace of mind, it is important to treat them as personal. A box will be provided for you to pack them, and the team leader of your move will place them in your car. The same treatment is given to your other items, such as your owner documents (i.e., title deeds, share documents, log books, etc.) and academic papers.

Three is a good number. However remember that the cheapest is not always the best. Seek for a full proposal and compare other aspects like work methodology, references from people who used them, level of openness, staff experience, etc

We generally do not recommend paying for your move in advance. A reputable moving company will typically only require payment upon completion of the move. Paying in advance can put you at risk of being scammed or having your possessions held hostage. Additionally, paying in advance removes any leverage you may have to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

At The Centric Moving Company, we offer flexible payment options and will work with you to ensure you are comfortable with the payment schedule.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)