You’re finally done with the hassle of house searching, and the moving date has been set. What is left is the hunt for reliable and cost-effective moving companies. You will soon discover that various companies will give you varied quotations. To make an informed decision, you need to know how the discrepancies arise.

Movers Required

The number of movers will be mainly determined by the quantity of goods to be moved. The number of people needed may also increase if there is significant disassembling and assembling of furniture as part of the packing process. Even if assembly processes do not increase the number of people, you may be required to foot charges for labor hours accrued. Finally, if you normally appreciate workers with a good tip, add that to the cost.

Household Goods

The quantity of your goods is going to influence a number of factors such as the size or number of trucks needed, the time it is going to take to pack and unpack as well as the amount of material to be used for packing. It goes without saying that the more your goods are, the more it will cost you. You could consider sorting and disposing of unwanted goods to reduce the quantity.

Relocation Distance

The distance you will be moving is a main factor when it comes to determining the cost. Moving across town will be cheaper compared to moving to different towns while an international move will cost you even more, considering there might even be legal paperwork involved. The Centric Moving Company can help figure out the shortest routes or how to beat traffic so as to save on costs. Our specialized packing procedures minimize the likelihood of damage to your goods no matter the distance.

Materials Required

Packing is one of the major tasks that makes it crucial to seek help during the moving process. The Centric Moving Company ensures compact packing to save space in moving vehicles and uses protective materials since it will determine the condition of your valuables when you finally get to your destination. The amount and quality of materials will determine the moving cost. If out of your preference, you instruct us to use premium packaging materials like 5-ply instead of 3-ply boxes or you need cell dividers, compression bags, and other special packing boxes, will dig deeper into your pockets.

Timing of the Move

The same way public transporters have peak and off-peak hours applies to some degree when moving household goods. Moving companies will charge more during peak moving seasons because demand is high while the availability of good moving companies is low. Holidays, weekends, and end months all count for the peak seasons when you can expect premium charges to apply. The weather also serves as a determinant. Rainy seasons come with many inconveniences like interrupting truck loading processes thus extending the time it takes to complete the process so you might pay more.

Services offered

Whether or not you require additional services is a major factor in determining moving costs. Typical extra services include:

Long Carries – these include hurdles that need to be navigated such as long driveways and hallways. In such cases. Movers will charge access fees. Other hurdles that could lead to access fees are high-rise properties as they would mean more trips up and down using elevators or navigating flights of stairs which will call for extra labor.

Bulky items – cumbersome items such as pianos, and pool tables require navigation from your house into the truck and into your new place. 

Assembly and disassembly – bulky items can be broken down into manageable pieces to essentially protect your valuables. Depending on the complexity of such, assembly crews from The Centric Moving Company can do this free or levy some extra charges.

Enquires about these fees ahead of time help you avoid unnecessary surprises.

Moving Services

Moving houses financially strains you. Understanding the main factors that affect the costs of moving will help you learn about extra fees as well as fixed expenses in order to come up with a fool-proof budget.

Factors That Influence Moving Costs

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