One of the most important things you can do to reduce your environmental effect while organizing a green relocation is to pick a moving company that cares about the environment and which uses eco-friendly packing materials to pack and safeguard your precious belongings. Fortunately, it appears that more and more of the country’s leading moving companies are investing in and committing to eco-friendly procedures and materials for a better and cleaner planet.

Overall, it is advisable to utilize recyclable and biodegradable packing materials for all of your packing requirements. By embracing green moving, you may easily lower your carbon footprint, especially if you prepare and adhere to these low-impact moving suggestions.

• Cardboard boxes: You should reuse old cardboard boxes instead of rushing to the store to purchase brand new ones. Keep in mind that standard cardboard containers can last between 4 and 7 uses before our life cycle ends.

• Plastic crates: Plastic crates are great eco-friendly alternatives and it’s important to note that purchasing or renting plastic containers for your move will be a good investment because they can be re-used hundreds of times without sustaining any damage and they provide outstanding protection for your belongings.

• Green bubble wrap and Green packing peanuts: Whenever possible, use the green alternative to traditional bubble wrap and if you plan on using packing peanuts when packing for a move make sure they are the biodegradable type made from vegetable oils and cornstarch.

Use packing supplies you already have in your home

Using the packing materials you already have in your house is a wonderful method to prepare an eco-friendly relocation that will also help you save money. Feel free to experiment with below wrapping and cushioning materials.

Blankets: Regular household blankets can be used as an alternative to the specialized furniture blankets that professional packers and movers use all the time. Blankets have great protective qualities and should be used to protect delicate furniture pieces and easily-breakable items.

Towels and bed sheets: Towels and bed sheets can be used instead of plastic bubble wrap for packing fragile and breakable household items. Also, they are great space fillers inside boxes when the contents need to be immobilized for safety reasons.

Socks: Thick winter socks can be used for protecting fragile glasses, especially the ones with stems (stemware).

Newsprint: Plain newspapers can be used instead of packing paper for filling the empty spaces inside the moving boxes. Newsprint is virtually free of charge (today’s newspapers are tomorrow’s packing paper) but you should not use it to pack things with delicate surfaces as the ink can leave bad stains and marks.

Remember using packing materials you already have in your home will help you save money without burdening the environment with extra packing waste.

Go green at your new home too

Our eco-friendly moving suggestions will conclude with the post-relocation stage; – here’s what you should do after moving into a new house to demonstrate your environmental sensitivity:

KEEP some of the packing materials for a future move after you’re done with unpacking and you can use the strongest cardboard boxes for your storage needs too.

GIVE AWAY the packing supplies that are still usable and/or list your excess cardboard boxes and bubble wrap on the online platforms for DIY moves.

RECYCLE properly all the packing supplies that nobody can want or need anymore. Licensed garbage collectors will come in handy. Alternatively, ask your eco-friendly moving company if they will be willing to recycle the leftover packing materials for you.

CLEAN your new home with eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and stay away from any toxic cleaning chemicals on the market. Make your eco-friendly cleaning supplies from white vinegar, baking soda, and water. A solution of white vinegar and water will help you clean your hardwood floors and bathroom, while baking soda will enable you to remove any dirt around the bathroom shower or kitchen sink

USE only non-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints for your home decoration and remodeling needs. Keep in mind that some VOCs are dangerous to human health and can cause harm to the environment as well. Always note that all the steps you take to have an eco-friendly move can also contribute to an eco-friendlier lifestyle after the move.

DISPOSE of hazardous materials in an eco-friendly manner:
Local and national rules restrict professional movers from shipping any combustible, corrosive, or explosive materials, and if you’re planning a self-move, you shouldn’t try to move them as well. To demonstrate your concern for the environment and to make your next move environmental friendly, you will properly dispose of dangerous goods such as acids, ammonia, gasoline, kerosene, motor oil, antifreeze, engine oil, dyes, pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers, paint, paint thinners, cleaning supplies, and aerosol cans.

Always follow the disposal instructions on harmful objects you own to get rid of them without causing any harm to the environment or call the Environmental Protection Agency’s regional office for assistance on how to dispose of your hazardous products in an environmentally and acceptable manner.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Move as Green as Possible


The Centric Moving Company is among the leading environmentally friendly moving companies in the market. We use GPS devices in our moving trucks to plan the most direct and fuel-efficient route to the destination homes; we have our trucks serviced promptly to avoid pollution, and we pack with eco-friendly packing materials such as recycled cardboard boxes, recycled reusable plastic crates, biodegradable bubble wrap, and biodegradable packing peanuts; and we consolidate shipments whenever possible to save resources and offer better prices to our customers.

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If you are still unsure or seeking an environmentally friendly firm, save yourself the trouble and choose TCMC team, the finest green moving company that cares the most about keeping the environment clean.

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