Moving houses can be an interesting experience. There are real issues to worry about, like the safety of your valuables, the backbreaking work of moving bulky items, and probably even the cost. In the midst of all these, some unwarranted issues may still crop up – like these myths about moving, which may create doubts, and interfere with your plans. How many moving myths do you know, by the way?

In some places:

        • Moving house is not a daytime affair
        • A black cat crossing the road at the start of the journey is a bad sign
        • You cannot hammer away at things once darkness sets in

Whether these are real or imagined issues, you can see how they impede a smooth relocation plan, especially when moving to a different town or during an international move. Imagine rescheduling flight plans because of a neighborhood cat out chasing lizards!  Or wasting time as you wait for the darkness to set in so that you can shuttle things out of your old place to the new home just because you heard that moving is best done in the dark – you can actually expose yourself to real dangers by doing so. In case you don’t like people feasting their eyes on what you are moving, wrapping things in appropriate moving supplies like blankets and using moving crates are more realistic ways than waiting for the dark hour.

One way to avoid unnecessary apprehension is to involve a professional team like The Centric Moving Company. While we may not deny or confirm these beliefs, we have an established track record of completing stress-free relocations – it’s part of our daily routines. We even take care of mundane tasks such as photo and TV mounting that you may keep postponing. We have appropriate hand and power tools that resolve any issues that give you apprehension, whether it’s damaging walls driving in nails, or the noise of hammering them in.

The Practical myths of moving

Away from superstitious beliefs, some myths are based on the practicalities of relocating.

Some people believe:

        • It’s cheaper if you move things yourself – especially if you are friendly with people

        • Specific days like Fridays are the best to relocate – you have a whole weekend to settle and rest

        • You must pack things weeks or months ahead – to save yourself the last-minute hassle

Whether these are myths or there is a grain of truth within is debatable. Either way, a professional mover puts you at an advantage. For example, while the thought of moving things yourself might sound cheaper, many people have found out too late it can be more expensive. The fact that you will have to involve friends or family in the process creates many issues. For instance, you cannot hold them accountable for any loss or damage to your valuables, unlike moving companies, who are accountable for any occurrences, thus safeguarding your valuables. A reliable mover, such as The Centric Moving Company, has moving insurance, so you can rest assured that costs arising from loss or damage will not come out of your pocket.

Again, have you considered what all the loading and unloading could do to your body?

Even for someone who hits the gym often, lifting bulky, heavy items is likely to leave you with personal injuries that may cost you to treat. Save yourself the trouble by searching for ‘movers near me’ online.

Moving Services

For you, moving close to or during weekends may be the only available time you have. Imagine if you have a lease contract set to end before the weekend? You’d have to renew it or be kicked out. With movers, you do not have to limit yourself as they can do it anytime, any day that is convenient for you. Furthermore, The Centric Moving Company avails access to storage solutions, in case you need a layover and handy support services like:

        • Transportation from the storage area

        • Delivery to your destination

        • Unpacking

Count on The Centric Moving Company to come in handy with reliable ways of moving your valuables from any property and location at any time.

Dont Let Weird Myths Hamper your Moving Plans

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