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Moving House Tips by The Centric Moving Company

Moving house is an imperative and potentially exciting event in your life yet can be an overwhelming experience should it go unplanned. At The Centric Moving Company, we endeavor to make it a fun and stress-free experience by offering helpful and needful advice tailored to your unique household requirement. Before moving house, quite a number of things and events have…

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Moving Your Potted Plants to Your New Residence

During the Covid-19 season; we noticed an increase in the love for plants in many homes. Potted plants/flowers have become almost a must-have. This new trend is highly notable in all types of homes such as studios, cottages, apartments, condominium, marionettes, bungalows, townhouses, villas etcetera. This has brought nature indoors. Some people have embraced having potted plants well spread in the…

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