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Professional Movers in Nairobi
Full-service moving company

It is our business to provide professional, personalized, local and International removal/ moving services, staff relocations, and accessorial services. Do you have fragile, valuable, or bulky items that you are worried about moving yourself?  We do it creatively, efficiently, and effectively. It’s in our DNA!

With The Centric Moving Company, you will always have a reliable partner who will make your removals seamless. Our certified personnel work alongside trained movers who know how to securely pack your belongings, handle delicate items and find alternative solutions when faced with unforeseen eventualities.

Move with us to and from; India, Dubai, the U.K, the U.S.A, Canada, France, Austria, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, etc.

Trusted Movers in Nairobi
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    • Private Individuals
    • Families
    • Office Moves
    • Relocating all or part of companies
    • Employee Relocation
    • Confidential Professionals
    • Diplomatic Missions
    • Corporate Moves
Moving Company
Moving Company
A guide to moving terms

The Moving Company, A-Z Glossary

In compiling this list it has become clear that different companies will use a whole lot of words to describe the same things. On behalf of the moving industry we’re going to start off, with an apology for being so confusing!

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